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Today, companies are realizing that their culture can be a terrific way to attract the right kind of talent. What makes a company successful is knowing what makes you unique and not trying to be all things to all people. Showcasing the idiosyncrasies that make a

company special can be effective in recruiting talent while minimizing the number of people that won't be successful in the type of environment you offer. Aletheia Search invests a great deal of time with clients to truly understand their culture, the position and it's deliverables. Rather than take a generic opportunity description as chapter and verse, we develop a job impact statement and success profile that highlights the contributions and value your new hire will be expected to deliver over a period of time. We look for compelling examples of past successes from potential candidates that align with the position and use those scenarios to develop insights that help us determine fit. We excel at seeing people as they really are, not as they want us to see them or necessarily see themselves. A great interview process provides value when its authentic and designed to collect information without any bias.

Aletheia does not market opportunities on job boards nor do we simply screen resumes and forwards for your review. Our process is discrete but highly insightful. Aletheia's sourcing and engagement is driven primarily by in-depth market research and subsequent insights. We utilize this data to identify and proactively recruit exceptional talent. Candidates are interviewed in person or via video conference and measured against a strict set of performance criteria. Unlike our competitors, we utilize our judgment to determine who are the absolute best candidates for your position. We don't overwhelm you with resumes, but we will impress you with stellar candidates that possess the expertise, experience, and character that your organization seeks.

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